MonoTripleBox 420524



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Order number: 420524
Colour: Grey
External length: 390 mm
External width: 290 mm
External height: 290 mm
Net Weight: 740 g
Transparency: Non transparent
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Road Transport: Yes
The MonoTripleBox is a highly insulating neopor box designed for shipping blood
products by post or courier. The box, comprising of two foam halves with walls 65 to
80 mm thick, can hold up to three temperature shells, inside which the bags
of blood or plasma are placed. The temperature shells resemble domestic freezer packs and contain a special hydrocarbon cooling medium, the latent heat capacity of which is used to maintain the blood
products at a stable temperature during transport. “Once encased in neopor, red
blood corpuscles can be maintained at 2 to 8 °C for over 24 hours at an ambient temperature
of 25°C” Remember to order the cardboard outer box, in order to extend the life of this revolutionary piece of packaging.