Medical mailing packaging and products for mailing diagnostic samples have very specific requirements. UN3373.com provides a specialised range which complies with international regulations, like the IATA, ADR. Our packaging is aproved and accepted by most Post en couriercompanies, like TNT and DHL.

UN3373.com attaches the very greatest importance to safety, ease of use and reliability of its medical mail packaging and similar products. We will be happy to help you find the right packaging for your specific purposes!

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www.UN3373.com is website for professionals by professionals. The regulations are clear and with help of the webshop you will find the approved products, very easy and transparent. The various selections guides you simple through the regulations, and in most cases you are only one click away of a rich source of information. UN3373.com delivers a wide range of products for ADR and IATA transport of Biological Substances, Category A or B. P620 or PI620 or P650 or PI650 or PI959 or P904 guidelines describes leak-proof packaging, absorbing materials, rigid outer packaging and required labels.
Medical packaging’s are in most cases a necessary part of Clinical Trials or studies, we can help you with all kind of solutions for the packaging and services. Expensive Biological Substances which should be transported cooled or deep frozen requires special packaging, we can offer you approved packaging.


Reference: WHO, last updated June 2018.



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