Label UN3373 Internationaal Wit 462340



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Order number: 462340
Colour: White
Colour: Black
External length: 150 mm
External width: 100 mm
Transparency: Non transparent
P620: No
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Air Transport: Yes
Road Transport: Yes
Meet international shipping standards with our Label UN3373, designed for marking packages containing biological substances. Fully compliant with global regulations, this label ensures that your shipments adhere to safety and handling requirements.

Manufactured from premium, weather-resistant materials, our Label UN3373 maintains its integrity under various shipping conditions, providing clear and consistent visibility. The easily recognizable design allows for quick identification, reducing the risk of mishandling and enhancing overall safety. Ideal for medical facilities, laboratories, and any entities shipping biological substances, our Label UN3373 International is your key to responsible and compliant shipping.

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