Pathology Pouch 375



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Order number: 375
Colour: Silver
External length: 350 mm
External width: 350 mm
Internal length: 310 mm
Internal width: 330 mm
Material: Glossy Aluminium
Bottom Gusset: 75 mm
Thickness: 134 mu
Content: 5000 ml
Transparency: Non transparent
Header: 30 mm
Our Pathology Pouches are suitable for storing biological substances such as test samples from patients. The wide opening makes them a first choice for the pathology department and other departments in medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics. Pathology Pouches provide ease of use with their re-closable grip closure. They may be opened and closed many times.

Unused pouches take up little space also whilst storing biological substances they also make more efficient use of available storage space, making them more efficient than competing jars. Pathology Pouches are sealable, so they can be hermetically closed for storing biological substances over long periods of time. For this reason the Pathology Pouch is Formaldehyde proof. Finally the Pathology Pouch’s are much more affordable, as they have a lower purchase price compared to competing jars.