Tamper Evident Endoscope Safetybag 460918



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1,000 € 122.60 In stock
2,500 € 115.70 In stock
5,000 € 110.19 In stock
Price per 100 pieces
Order number: 460918
External length: 595 mm
External width: 575 mm
Internal length: 590 mm
Internal width: 570 mm
Thickness: 70 mu
Closure: Destructive tape
Transparency: Completely transparent
Material: polyethylene
P620: No
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Air Transport: No
Road Transport: Yes
A handy tamper evident and leak-proof Endoscope Safetybag - packed per 100 units and provided with minimal print to allow for clear content visibility.

The Safetybag can be used for transporting a sterile endoscope to the endoscopy unit - and again for returning the fouled unit back to the reprocessing facility.