Rigid Safetybag 5 positions international 95kPa 465049



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Order number: 465049
Colour: White
Colour: Blue
External length: 210 mm
External width: 200 mm
External height: 25 mm
Internal length: 180 mm
Internal width: 190 mm
Internal height: 25 mm
Material: polyethylene
Thickness: 70 mu
Closure: Destructive tape
Transparency: Non transparent
P620: No
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Air Transport: Yes
Road Transport: Yes
The patented Safetybag by DaklaPack has changed the way our clients are sending biological category B substances by mail or courier, not only is our packaging UN3373 approved, leak, dust proof and light weight but also inexpensive. Using DaklaPack UN3373 packaging range, you can choose your own postal or courier service.

Fitted with the easily identifiable blue band across the top of the bag which when folded back exposes the peel away backing, simply insert contents into the Safetybag, removing backing and apply even pressure across the blue band surface. The Safetybag will now be completely leak proof.

Our Safetybags, constructed from a strong polyethylene, are recognized globally as being suitable as a secondary liquid tight packaging for transport of biological substances category B.

Can be used in conjunction with the Minimailbox, absorbing material and Transportblister