RigidSafety Bag 1 position International print 95kPa 460949



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Order number: 460949
Colour: White
Colour: Print
External length: 175 mm
External width: 105 mm
Material: polyethylene
Closure: Destructive tape
Absorbent ability: 10 ml
Transparency: Non transparent
P620: Yes
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Air Transport: Yes
Letterpost: Yes
Road Transport: Yes
Unique and efficient solution for sending of biological samples. The new design complies with all regulations and is delivered pre assembled. The Rigid Safetybag complies fully with EU packaging laws (ADR and IATA) and is approved by the BVI (Belgium Packaging Institute). The Rigid Safetybag is compiled from 3 main components, the fluid tight bag containing a rigid blister inside an absorbing pouch capable of absorbing the contents of a 10ml tube should any leakage occur.
The Rigid Safetybag is delivered pre assembled with the top open ready for use with containers or tubes. Easy to use peel and seal strip ensures a trouble free and quick fluid tight seal perfect for sending biological samples category B. The Rigid Safetybag are suitable for one time use and easy to open by the recipient by means of an easy open tear notch saving time and without the need to use any additional items.