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Genetically modified microorganisms (GMMOs) and organisms (GMOs)Genetically modified microorganisms not meeting the definition of infectious substance are classified in Class 9 (Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles, including environmentally hazardous substances). GMMOs and GMOs are not subject to dangerous goods regulations when authorized for use by the competent authorities of the countries of origin, transit and destination. Genetically modified live animals shall be transported under terms and conditions or the competent authorities of the countries of origin and destination.

GMMOs or GMOs that do not meet the definition of toxic substances or infectious substances shall be assigned to UN 3245. GMMOs and GMOs assigned to UN 3245 shall be shipped following Packing Instruction P904 (ICAO/IATA PI959) – this is not considered further in these guidelines. NOTE: The proper shipping name for UN 3245 is “GENETICALLY MODIFIED MICRO- ORGANISMS” or "GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS".

Road transport


Reference: WHO (updated June 2018)