Blue Cardboard 240 + 29 x 350 092004



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Price per 10 pieces
Order number: 092004
Colour: Blue
External length: 240 mm
External width: 350 mm
External height: 29 mm
Internal length: 240 mm
Internal width: 350 mm
Internal height: 29 mm
Material: Paper/Carton
Quality: 550 gr.
Closure: Flap Closure
Transparency: Non transparent
Extra information: Suitable for use with an conventional letterbox
A smart convenient and compact cardboard postal box, available in a variety or stunning colours.
These particular boxes offer great protection to what ever you are sending and due to there bright vivid colours ensure that you make a great impression by your customer.

A great colourful solution which offers great protection ensuring your product arrives in one piece.
Opening on the short side of the box flap with securing tab.
Approximately 125g per box
Suitable for use with a conventional letterbox.