Clinical Trials Services


A good example of a successful Clinical Trial is the “Chlamydia Screening program” working along side a number of health authorities and in combination with Soa AIDS Netherlands & the RIVM. Annually we take care of some 50,000 participants. Please contact us in person to discuss the possibilities.

What can we do for you:

Research and Clinical Trials

> “Campaign Plan” including texts and develop design
> Invitation Track
> Response processing
> Complete collection medical kits
> Ensuring use of UN-approved packaging
> Sending of the complete packets to participants
> Receiving and unpacking of diagnostic samples from the participants
> The diagnostic specimens are grouped per laboratory.

Medical Services

> Manual and automatic filling and packaging of food, fluids, powders and tablets
> Packaging, filling of medical products in clean room
> Gamma Sterilization
> Inventory management and order picking / packing and shipping in home land
and abroad.

Fullfillment and Co-Packing

> Manual and automatic filling of packaging with food, liquids, powders and tablets.
> Folding, inserting, and direct mail catalogues in (special) envelopes.
> Packaging Design and Engineering.
> Handling of Direct Mail.
> Database Services.
> Variable data printing of brochures, letters and labels.
> Direct printing: addresses, lot numbers, expiration dates onto packaging with inkjet printers.
> Inventory management and order picking / packing. Including shipping to anywhere in Europe.
> Providing clinical trials and screening

We are able to supply filling machines, tablet counters, depositors, pouch filling, bottom fill and sealing, inkjet systems, high volume printers (colour and black & white). With our expanding team of production staff, we are able to handle all handling request with no request to large or small.