General:  SAFETYBAG for Biological Substances, category B

The Safetybag is fitted with an absolutely liquid-tight safety fastener. The packaging is made of strong transparent polyethylene and is guaranteed to keep liquid in and out. The bag is hermetically sealed simply by removing the covering strip.

Safetybag for biological substances / UN 3373 / P650

The Safetybag is most suitable as secondary liquid-tight packaging for, among other things, Biological Substances of
category B. In combination with the MiniMailBox, adequate absorbent material and if neccesary (for extra protection) an bubble foil inlay, this combination complies with packaging instructions.

- Material:
Transparent polyethylene, thickness 70 micron.
Fastener: flap fastener with covering strip for a fluid-tight fastening (BAM-Admission)

- Print:
Provided as standard with directions for use, unique barcode and numbering and UN3373 sign.
Varying formats and prints possible on request

The mailing of Biological Substances (UN 3373) as letter post is subject to the packaging instruction P650 (ADR), as well as to the rules and regulations of PostNL or local Post authorities.

Reference: WHO (updated June 2015)