WeeCollect Standard 4800501



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Order number: 4800501
Colour: Yellow
Closure: Grip Closure
Intended Use

The WeeCollect is a simple and innovative method of collecting a urine sample from a urine portion for laboratory analysis.
The WeeCollect consists of a stick with a white polyurethane sponge and a white holder.
A urine collection tube can be attached to the white holder.
After urinating on the sponge, the sponge can be squeezed in the white holder transferring the urine via the white holder into the urine collection tube.

There are 5 kinds of WeeCollect packaging:
Standard, Midstream, Diaper, Veterinary and First Void.
According to the urine collection tube with or without an additive, urine can be collected for either clinical chemistry testing, urine culture testing or PCR analysis.

WeeCollect Standard Standard Purpose: clinical chemical research

WeeCollect Midstream Midstream Purpose: urine culture test

WeeCollect Veterinary Veterinary Purpose: urine collection intended for veterinary purposes (animals)

WeeCollect First Void First Void Purpose: urine collection intended for STD (chlamydia).

WeeCollect Diaper Diaper Purpose: urine collection intended for diaper wearers