P650 MiniMailBox mailingset 520300



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1,000 € 169.38 In stock
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5,000 € 156.61 In stock
Price per 100 pieces
Order number: 520300
Colour: White
Colour: Print
External length: 240 mm
External width: 129 mm
External height: 30 mm
Internal length: 240 mm
Internal width: 129 mm
Internal height: 30 mm
Closure: Flap Closure
Transparency: Non transparent
Material: Cardboard
P620: No
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Air Transport: Yes
Letterpost: Yes
Road Transport: Yes
Our most commonly used system used by hundreds of companies hospitals and testing facilities throughout the world. The patented MiniMailBox system is approved for use in every country as a recognised safe way of transporting biological substances category B, UN3373 / P650. The kit contains our MiniMailBox, Safetybag with bubble liner and absorbing 4 position tube holder.