Personal Safetybag 600 x 510



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Order number: 450069
Colour: White
Colour: Pink
External length: 600 mm
External width: 510 mm
Internal length: 580 mm
Internal width: 510 mm
Thickness: 70 mu
Closure: Destructive tape
Transparency: Non transparent
Material: polyethylene
Extra information: niederländische Bedruckung
A leak and dust proof Safetybag for storage or personal property, ideal for a Hospital’s storing belongings of a patient. Police use as evidence bags. Each Personal Safetybag has a header with removable squares, a unique number is printed onto the Personal Safetybag and removable squares which makes filing and administration even easier than ever before. You can even write onto the surface of the Personal Safetybag. Filling and sealing takes a matter of seconds thanks to the peel and seal strip which is made of a strong destructive tape making the Personal Safetybag tamperproof.

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