Personal Safetybag 190 x 260



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Order number: 450067
Colour: White
Colour: Print
External length: 260 mm
External width: 190 mm
Internal length: 255 mm
Internal width: 181 mm
Thickness: 70 mu
Closure: Destructive tape
Transparency: Non transparent
Material: polyethylene
The Personal Safetybag is a needed product for medical services. It guarantees a correct and efficient way of working regarding storage and administration of personal properties of your clients. The Personal Safetybag meant for employees in hospitals and ambulances. On the bags you will see a a couple of het same unique numbers with a perforation to tear off, so every department can tear one off. This storage number is of course the same on every part, but different from other bags, so you can check at every step to who this properties belong to.

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