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Dental Carrier



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Order number: 460810
Colour: Transparent
External length: 250 mm
External width: 165 mm
External height: 76 mm
Transparency: Completely transparent
Material: Polypropylene
The Dental Carrier is the best Transport Blister for dental technology! All work pieces used are categorized per patient so they can be clearly seen, are easily accessible, always ready and easy to store. This greatly reduces the chances of breakage, damage or loss. The Dental Carrier is made of polypropylene and consists of a hinged top and bottom with a flap fastener. The compartmentalization has been optimally chosen for as many work pieces as possible, such as crown and bridge work, jaw imprints, models for false teeth and accessories. The external format is suitable for transporting one or more Dental Carriers in the popular plastic travel boxes.

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