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DaklaPack Europe Contract Research Services

DaklaPack Europe has been actively producing and distributing Medical packaging since 1975. Since 1999 DaklaPack Europe added additional services to its portfolio that assist companies and labs with its research. The reliability of your research results depend on the care and how the material is transported, and the time that elapses between sending and arrival at the laboratory. The quality of patient's materials is dependent on many factors and has a direct impact on the quality of your research. The correct transmission is therefore essential for a proper diagnosis, but that is not the only aspect that many researchers face.


Legal requirements

They often have inadequate knowledge of the statutory requirements causing unnecessary “Starting Problems” and delay. DaklaPack Europe has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and can help researchers get a better grip on the initial stagesof their research. This not only knowledge of the proper storage and transportation (UN-approved packaging), but also actively handling the invitations, response processing, the composition of medical kits and sending diagnostic specimens and biological substances in Category B.